Crisis Intervention Team Pathfinder Insignia

Root CasinoCrisis Intervention Team officers wear the Pathfinder insignia so they can be identified as CIT officers.

The Pathfinder insignia is derived from World War II army units whose main function was to help guide transport aircraft and gliders to their intended destinations. The concept originally developed by the British was used as a model. The original group of volunteers was selected from members of the 82nd Airborne Division’s 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment. The men were trained to parachute in and mark parachute Drop Zones and glider Landing Zones. The Pathfinders would use colored lights, flares, panels, and smoke to mark these areas and also radio check points to aid aircraft navigation.

The CIT officer is the Pathfinder for those with mental illness and others in crisis. They provide a safe and secure sense of direction to those seeking help, connecting them with services in their communities. It is hoped that as more police departments in the state of Connecticut adopt the Crisis Intervention Team model, that they will also adopt the Pathfinder insignia as a means of identifying their CIT officers.

Using this insignia on a statewide basis will make it easier for those with mental illness who are often transient, identify officers who can help them. CABLE can assist those departments who have bonafide Crisis Intervention Teams obtain these patches for their uniforms.

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