CABLE Programs and Services

Mental health is the cornerstone of CABLE’s programs and services which are offered by an interdisciplinary team of seasoned law enforcement professionals and mental health providers. CABLE has two main training tracks:

Safe and effective law enforcement and community response to persons in psychiatric crisis
Peer support for law enforcement officers

Crisis Intervention Team Training

rootcasino-ee.comMany people with severe mental illness have slipped through holes in the safety net of community treatment services since the closing of state psychiatric hospitals. Current laws also prohibit families from getting help for their loved ones until the illness reaches a critical stage. As a result, police have become the primary responders to many of these individuals with untreated mental illness.

The goal of Crisis Intervention Team training is safety: for the community, the officer and the person in crisis. CABLE has delivered this specialized training and advanced courses to hundreds of law enforcement officers and mental health crisis workers since 2003.

Peer Support Training

peer-support-trainingCABLE knows that law enforcement first responders face unique stressors that make them susceptible to physical and mental illness.Heart disease, depression and suicide are no strangers to the law enforcement profession.

CABLE’s Peer Support Training gives peer support personnel the skills needed to assist their fellow officers, assess their needs and refer them to the proper services or professional help when necessary.

CABLE also plans “getaways” for officers who are looking for healthy opportunities for rest and rejuvenation.

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