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Peer Support Training For Public Safety and Municipal Police

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Although partially funded by Believe 208, a fee of $125 per person is required. Continental breakfast and lunch is included.

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Partially funded by Believe 208

CABLE – Law Enforcement Peer Support Training

Connecticut has had more than it’s share of extraordinary traumatic events over the past several years. Connecticut police officers and the mental health professionals who have responded have gathered valuable information about the long term effects of those events to share with police departments who are interested in developing peer support teams. We also know that it is not necessarily just one incident that peer-supportpreys on the mind of the law enforcement officer, but rather a build up of cumulative stress that takes place over a law enforcement officer’s career.

We bring these experienced law enforcement and mental health professionals together to offer a 35 hour intensive training that will cover:

  • Effects of acute, cumulative and chronic stress on the mind and body
  • Recognizing possible symptoms of post-traumatic stress injuries
  • Identifying and helping peers struggling with compulsive behaviors or addictions
  • Post-traumatic and cumulative stress and their effect on relationships and family
  • Supporting your officers during challenging times
    Suicide assessment and intervention
  • Grief and bereavement
  • Domestic Violence
  • The difference between peer support and counseling
  • The importance of maintaining confidentiality and developing a confidentiality policy in your department
  • Healthy life-skills for stress management
  • Honing active listening skills – resisting the temptation to “fix” the problem
  • Making an effective referral to professional help.
  • Addressing Connecticut’s Post-Sandy Hook Gun law on officers seeking in-patient treatment
  • Police-vetted resources in and outside of Connecticut
  • Critical Incident Stress Management presented by the International Critical Incident Stress Foundation (ICISF).

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