CABLE Warm Line

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Attention Police Officers and Other First Responders

Are you

  • Tired, angry and frustrated about your professional and/or personal life?
  • So tired that you have a hard time getting out of bed?
  • Having relationship problems?
  • Concerned about drinking, gambling (or any other addiction)?
  • Feeling overwhelmed, helpless or hopeless?
  • Suspicious about confidentiality and/or losing your job if you seek help?
  • Concerned about seeing a clinician who you believe would not understand you or your work?
  • A family member who is concerned about your loved one in the public safety profession?


Call the CABLE warm line for information on the help that is available to Connecticut Public Safety professionals and for referrals to services and counseling specifically tailored to your needs.

CABLE can connect you to clinicians and services with training and experience working with public safety personnel.


Your calls are confidential.

For more information and links to resources,

call the CABLE Warm line at

(203) 848-0320